The 7 Benefits of the MY500 Inkjet Printer

MY500Spectrum Assembly, Inc.’s Mydata MY500 inkjet printer helps it address customer quality challenges “on the fly.” For example, one PCBA had a QFN device that was driving solder bridging. A 2:1 ratio was used across the stencil. Even with adjustments to screen apertures that varied paste deposition by component, significant defects were occurring because solder paste height could not be reduced sufficiently under the QFN. In a panel of 36 assemblies, 26 had solder bridges using traditional screen printing. Utilizing a standard profile, the MY500 reduced solder bridges to 6 per panel. The production team reprogrammed the machine to dispense a smaller amount of paste under the QFN and completely eliminated all solder bridges.

In addition to “on the fly” programming changes, here are six more benefits of this highly flexible inkjet printer:

  • Adjustable solder height
  • Eliminates need for stencils
  • Reduced NRE fees
  • Eliminates defects that can occur from worn or clogged stencils
  • Ability to print paste on PCBAs with components already mounted
  • Instant changeover from leaded to lead-free.

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