The Benefits of One-Stop Shopping

Many regional contractors tout their ability to support your product under one roof. However, often that definition simply means they have both printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and box build capability under a single roof. Cables and harnesses are procured from a separate supplier with different production priorities. At Spectrum Assembly, Inc., our vertically integrated production model includes cable and harness assembly capability in addition to PCBA and box build capability. What are the benefits of having all this under one roof?

  • Cost – Vertical integration eliminates one set of mark-ups and the transaction costs associated with ordering from another supplier. The elimination of multiple sets of non-recurring engineering time alone can represent over $1000 in setup cost savings.
  • Speed – The lead-time and variance in production priorities associated with ordering from a different supplier are eliminated
  • Visibility – Program management and production are focusing on ensuring all critical production elements are focused on meeting your schedule
  • Quality – When the team producing the cable and harness works with the team producing the rest of the product, manufacturability issues or defects are immediately visible and quickly addressed
  • Logistics simplicity – One order does it all.

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