Key Benefits in Going Paperless

Spectrum Assembly, Inc. began to eliminate paper from its manufacturing processes more than two years ago via adoption of an Aegis software platform and widespread use of monitors on the production floor. What benefits does this provide customers? Here are five:

  • Speed in new product introduction (NPI): Electronic transfer of customer documentation drives programming and fast generation of work instructions. SAI’s systems include offline programming capability to further reduce time between product changeovers.
  • Quality: Our paperless process eliminates errors that can be present when data is manually entered. Our software does a 1–to-1 BOM check of reference designators to ensure our boards are programmed right the first time.
  • Documentation integrity: Documentation is kept in centralized database and only the current revision is available to production personnel
  • Security: System access is limited to personnel with authorized access
  • Traceability: SAI’s systems strategy easily supports the traceability requirements of all customers.

Manual “paper-based” systems are inherently inefficient and create the opportunity for error. Consider SAI’s paperless approach the next time you are looking are looking for a regional supplier capable of providing you with strong systems linkage.

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