Four Ways to Tell if Your Electronics Contract Manufacturer is a Partner or a Simply a Supplier

Every contract manufacturer talks about partnership, but to many it is simply a marketing buzzword. At Spectrum Assembly, we believe that true outsourcing partnerships provide benefits to both the customer and the contractor. Here are four elements we see as important to those types of partnerships:

  • Flexibility – contractors who are partners structure their business models to support unique customer needs. Most often that is some degree of schedule flexibility, but it can also be flexibility in the support services offered.
  • A Willingness to Invest in the Relationship – a contractor who values partnership watches trends in customer requirements and invests in the equipment and processes to support those needs over time. In short, their ability to support your needs grows as you grow.
  • A Dedication to Continuous Improvement – Contractors who believe in partnership work to eliminate inefficiency throughout the product realization process. Advice may include ways to improve efficiency in ordering practices, design for manufacturability, mitigation of obsolescence risk or options for cutting cost.
  • A Focus on “Getting it Done” – Partners focus on results rather than excuses. A true partner is willing to do everything in their power to get you the result you need. A supplier simply tells you what is achievable in their business model.

To learn more about our approach to partnership visit:

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